Thursday, April 16, 2009

Version 3 Beta

We have been testing version 3 both in house and with select customers, and have now opened it up for public review. It shouldn't be many days before this one is ready for release, but we thought we'd give more people a chance to beat it up.

Due to outstanding suggestions, we have made many enhancements to DashBook. Some of the largest changes include:

  • Vista 32 bit and 64 bit support
  • Automatic mechanical royalty calculations for the music industry
  • Expiration dates for handling subscription sales and followups
  • Expenses tied to individual products, with royalties optionally adjusted
  • Ability to review and create royalties directly from the products screen
  • Ability to review order history directly on the customer screen
  • Option to use PayPal on the subset of authors having PayPal accounts

Please check out our beta (beta link expired; contact us if you wish to be on the cutting edge!). If DashBook does not handle something you need in your business of royalties or licensing, please tell us what you want!