Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Royalty calculator for iPhone

Given how robust our DashBook desktop royalty solution is, perhaps the iPhone program is more aptly called a Royalty Estimator.

In any event, a few weeks ago we released our first iPhone app, entitled Royalty Calculator.  This app runs natively on the iPhone and gives quick answers to the simple questions of, "How much royalty would a sale of so much be?"  If you are in the music industry, you would be pleased to see that this app will calculate your U.S. mechanical rights for you based on your song or track length.

For all industries, the percentage calculator will instantly show you the royalty either before or after discounts.

This app can be good for publishers of books, music, etc. in estimating the royalties they might owe.  It is also an excellent tool for the author, musician, etc. in determining how much they might make.

Right now and for the foreseeable future, this iPhone app is FREE!  This link will show you screen examples, as well as provide a link to download Royalty Calculator to your iPhone/iPod or iTunes account:

If you prefer a program that remembers special royalty deals for each author or artist, of course DashBook will do that job handily.